well, for the main reason

i'll tell you one thing or another about my life

a new year.
I have been absent from this blog for a very long time now, and one of my resolutions for 2014 is to return!this is ‘mini main’ - our very own paradise on North Stradbroke Island where I have been fortunate enough to spend my holidays since before I could even walk. ‘Straddie’ is my other home, and my time on the island is always a bit of a ‘re-balancing’ exercise. I took this photo on a morning run at Christmas time, and it pretty much captures everything that is so magical about this place. A few weeks here, even a few hours, brings me the peace and energy to reflect on everything that is going on in the world around me, and to reassess my goals and move forward for another year. 
Bring on 2014, it might just be the best year yet!
Brighton Beach on Labour Day. We had the most relaxing afternoon at the beach, in a private little cove of Brighton Beach. We walked south to take the train home and found the rest of Melbourne!  (at Brighton Beach)
iced coffee with daiso spherical ice cubes!! (at home.)
sunshine (at Abbotsford Convent)
goats toast / soy capp at farm cafe.  (at The Farm Cafe)
so excited to start playing with my new (old) pentax !
mellow yellow. (at home.)
a very successful DIY project!! 

We found this cabinet on the footpath a few weeks ago. Since it was only a few blocks from our place, we carried it home in a fairly amusing exercise, taking two trips to get all the drawers home. 

Over the next week or so we set about sanding and then painting the cabinet and finished it with some new handles. 

It fits perfectly in the space and we are very happy!!
best day. (at Hampton Beach)
today I turn the corner on what has been a fairly short chapter of my life. I think I can say it’s been succinctly written though - many, many thoughts, experiences, feelings and ideas about my life condensed to what will only ever be a few pages of my life! as I finish work after only a few short months, I am leaving feeling complete about my decision to move on. I came, I tried and I very quickly learnt that I was seeking more of a challenge! Next week I will embark on the next exciting stage of my life, with a new role and a new outlook - and an appreciation for following your heart to find your truth. I think I’ve found the beginning of my future, and I can’t wait to build on that every single day! it really is about forging your own path and taking the road that leads to your dreams. I took this photo in April last year when we road-tripped from LA to San Francisco along the famous Highway One in California. What an amazing experience in such a peaceful and inspiring part of the world, and the perfect way to capture what I am feeling right now. I can’t wait to see whats just around the bend!!